If you are applying for a company account, there are additional documents you need to provide.

a) Proof of Income (Application must include Tax Returns)

* Last 6 Months Pay Slips

* Last 6 Months Personel Bank Statement

* Last 2 Years Tax Returns

b) Proof of Personal Liquid Assets

* Shares/Stocks/Bond Certificates

* Last 2 Months Saving/ Deposit Account Statements/ Certificates

* Last 2 Months Retirements Account Statement

* Last 2 Months Investment Account Statement

c) Company Registration

* Certificates of Incorporation/Formation

d) Company Financials

* Last 2 Years Tax Returns

* Last 2 Years Financial Statement

* Last 2 Years Balance Sheets

* Last 6 Months Bank Statements

* Last 6 Months Investment Account Statements

(Company applications must include all documents above, Investment Account statements are optional to improve application approval requirements)

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