When you decide to use the GRAYLL App and Services, you have to first complete the KYC procedure.

*The documents you upload to GRAYLL App must only be in .pdf format. You can send your KYC documents to GRAYLL Legal and Executive team for approval by following the steps below.

1) Login to the GRAYLL App

2) Click on the "Settings Page" and then click the "KYC" icon/tab.

3) Fill in the "First Name", "Last Name", "Date of Birth", "Nationality", "Government ID Number" fields completely and correctly.

3a) If you are applying for a personal account, click the person account box. if you are applying for a company account, click the company account application box. And save the changes.

3b)Also, If you are applying for a personal account, simply provide a valid ID document and proof of address. For proof of address, you must provide two different documents that match each other.

4) If you are applying for a company account, there are additional documents you need to provide.

Fill in the "Company Name", "Company Registration #", "Address Line 1", "Address Line 2", "City", "Country" fields completely and correctly. And save the changes Below are the additional documents you need to provide for the company account application.

a) Proof of Income (Application must include Tax Returns)

* Last 6 Months Pay Slips

* Last 6 Months Personel Bank Statement

* Last 2 Years Tax Returns

b) Proof of Personal Liquid Assets

* Shares/Stocks/Bond Certificates

* Last 2 Months Saving/ Deposit Account Statements/ Certificates

* Last 2 Months Retirements Account Statement

* Last 2 Months Investment Account Statement

c) Company Registration

* Certificates of Incorporation/Formation

d) Company Financials

* Last 2 Years Tax Returns

* Last 2 Years Financial Statement

* Last 2 Years Balance Sheets

* Last 6 Months Bank Statements

* Last 6 Months Investment Account Statements

(Company applications must include all documents above, Investment Account statements are optional to improve application approval requirements)

When you submit the relevant documents, our team will immediately start the review process. The approval process can take 7 days. If there is a missing document, you will get notification about it. You will also receive a notification when your KYC process is approved or denied.

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