GRAYLL does not have access to the assets in your App account wallet. Because the GRAYLL App is built on Distributed Ledger Technology your App account wallet is held on a Decentralized Network — only the person with the Secret Key and Account Seed has access to a Decentralized Account Wallet — it is important to store your Secret Key and Account Seed safely when you first sign up for the GRAYLL App. GRAYLL helps as you are prompted by pop-up notifications what to do at every step — via the Messenger on the GRAYLL website and in the GRAYLL App you have direct access to our support team.

Although GRAYLL cannot access your Decentralized Account Wallet — GRAYLL is able restrict access to the GRAYLL App or GRAYLL Algo System — one of the reasons this might occur is to carry out crucial maintenance and updates. If suspicious activity is detected — we may also restrict access to GRAYLL protect your data and any algorithmic positions that you may have opened. It is important that you use secure passwords that are kept in a safe place and that the devices you use to access your GRAYLL App like smartphones, tablets and laptops do not have viruses or malware that may record your GRAYLL account details.

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