We cannot legally give financial advice to GRAYLL clients, potential clients or GRAYLL App users. GRAYLL does not sell or issue sharesstocksdebenturessecuritiesbonds or any ownership in a registered incorporated entity. We recommend any purchaser of GRAYLL — GRX Digital Decentralized Utility Asset — to conduct their own due diligence on the GRAYLL business models, the team, the marketplace and the potential of financial technology.

You need to purchase GRAYLL — GRX Digital Decentralized Utility Asset to use GRAYLL's eco-system of services like the GRAYLL Algo System to access GRAYLL Intelligence. GRX is not sold as an investment, however it may increase or decrease in value due to changes in demand and liquidity.

GRX is the Decentralized Utility Asset used in the GRAYLL App & Algo System to benefit from GRAYLL Intelligence.

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