The GRAYLL App offers you a variety of security features that you can manage in your account like 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), IP Address Verification and Multisignature Transactions. Your asset wallet within your GRAYLL account is secured with a Secret Key, only you are given the Secret Key (Private Key) when creating your GRAYLL account. Absolutely nobody — not even GRAYLL — has access to your asset wallet. You must keep you Secret Key and Account Seed provided to you when signing up safe and never share this information. You are able to share your Stellar Address (Public Key) and Federation Address (Payment Alias) which looks like an email address.

The GRAYLL App, Algo System and GRAYLL Intelligence databases & systems are all distributed. GRAYLL is fully cloud based — we have ensured that security and redundancies are built into every aspect of the system. GRAYLL integrates both Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and non-blockchain/DLT sharded & distributed databases and cloud compute systems.

There are no unusual risks, similarly to all your online accounts you must safeguard your passwords and ensure you can recover your GRAYLL App account. Of course nothing is ever 100% secure, human error is a fact of life, therefore everyone must always be vigilant with their device security, password and Secret Key storage. Always update the software on the devices you use to access your GRAYLL account, also use anti-virus and anti-malware software on your devices. To maintain information, database and system security we have distributed cloud databases and cloud systems and apply a wide variety of measures to safeguard your information and the performance of the GRAYLL App, Algo System and GRAYLL Intelligence. We also conduct regular audits and continuous improvements where required.

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