The GRY 3 | Melkior algorithm is one of the GRAYLL's 3xMagi algorithms; Balthazar (GRY 1), Melkior (GRY 3) and Melkior (GRY 3). Currently, the GRAYLL System is actively analyzing and maneuvering 4 decentralized digital asset trading pairs: BTCusd, LTCusd, ETHusd, XRPusd in 19 different liquid markets (exchanges) simultaneously.

The recent global decisions and measures, put into action as a reaction to the Corona virus (COVID-19), has accelerated a financial and global economic crisis and increased market turbulence and volatility in 2020. The world is entering into a new phase of much uncertainty with the consequence that managing savings, pensions and investments will become increasingly challenging. Trading financial markets and investing will become highly challenging, if not almost impossible for most people.

Our 3xMagi algorithms ensure that a novice would be able to achieve out-sized returns without understanding trends, trend-stages (Elliot Wave, Wyckoff, etc.), volatility, leverage, margin requirements, risk reversal strategies and shorting markets. Market cycles have become very hard to predict for even the most successful fund managers, resulting in poor performance and sometimes fund closures.

No particular knowledge of derivatives (e.g. Black-Scholes, gamma, delta, parameters, convexity, etc.) or risk assessment/modeling (e.g. Monte Carlo Methods, Value-at-Risk, Knightian Uncertainty, etc.) is required by the users. The “smart money” and institutions like JPMorgan, Fidelity and Goldman Sachs, IBM, Google and many more have already entered the Blockhain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and decentralized digital asset (crypto) space.

The 3xMagi algorithms Balthazar, Kaspar, Melkior, automatically produce higher returns in any market condition. These algorithms are shorter term and each have a specific time-frame for maximizing profits. GRY 3 | Melkior has and approximate optimal time horizon of  70 - 100 days and a current peak performance range of 1.4x - 1.8x Return on Investment (ROI). GRAYLL is available to anyone and, the minimum required value to open an algorithmic position is ~$10 per algorithmic position.

The GRAYLL System is fully automated with Artificial Intelligence technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks. The 3xMagi algorithms can capitalize on opportunities in any market trend; bull, bear and sideways. More importantly, the beneficial aspects of these sciences are less human stress, more free time & higher profits. Trading and investing can be difficult, stressful and time consuming, GRAYLL aims to eliminate these aspects.

The GRAYLL System ensures that you only have to open and close the GRY 3 | Melkior algorithmic positions, no fundamental analysis, no technical analysis, no market timing and no active trading or investing is required. The GRAYLL System also keeps you automatically updated via notifications on the performance of each algorithmic position you open. The GRY 3 | Melkior algorithm is not perpetual, you can close it at any time, after 1 hour, 5 days, 9 weeks, this is up to you. Because you cannot close an algorithmic position partially, it's best to open multiple smaller positions. This will allow you to close some positions earlier and keep other positions open for longer. Based on the current and historic performance, GRY 3 | Melkior has an expected 40% to 80% ROI within the optimal time-frame of 70 - 100 days. 

The GRAYLL System is fully automated with Artificial Intelligence technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks. We use Distributed Ledger Technology which enables new concepts of sovereign digital financial systems. Artificial Intelligence helps us to automate processing of large real-time data sets and improve decision making as well as the services we offer to App users.

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