You can close algorithmic positions directly on the "ALGO SYSTEM" page in your GRAYLL App account. There are 4 algorithmic services: GRY 1 | Balthazar - GRY 2 | Kaspar - GRY 3 | Melkior - GRZ | Arkady. Each algorithmic service performance tracking card on the "ALGO SYSTEM" page has a "CLOSE" button, clicking the button will scroll you down to the full list of open positions on the "ALGO SYSTEM" page. Each open algorithmic position in the list has a "Close" button in the "Actions" column of the "Activity" list, you may click the button to "Close" an open algorithmic positions individually. You may also close all your algorithmic positions at once by selecting the "Close All Algo Positions" button at the top of the transaction "Activity" list. When you close an algorithmic position that has a value of more than $0.00000 the equivalent GRX amount will be transferred from the GRAYLL Algorithmic System to your GRAYLL App account. Fees are calculated automatically and deducted from the algorithmic position closing value.

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