You can open algorithmic positions directly on the "ALGO SYSTEM" page in your GRAYLL App account. In the "Open Algorithmic Position" form you can enter the desired amount to open a position in either $ (USD), GRY or GRX value. There are 4 algorithmic services: GRY 1 | Balthazar - GRY 2 | Kaspar - GRY 3 | Melkior - GRZ | Arkady. Approximately every 60 seconds the GRY/USD or GRZ/USD quote is updated, which give you time to open a position at a given GRY/USD or GRZ/USD rate. There is an info button on each algorithmic service performance tracking card on the "ALGO SYSTEM" page, by clicking this you can read the description of each algorithmic service. Each algorithm is unique and performs in a discrete manner over a different time horizon. When you open a position GRX is transferred from you GRAYLL App account to the GRAYLL Algo System. Fees are calculated automatically and deducted from the algorithmic position opening value.

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