GRZ is the Reference Value of GRAYLL's Arkady algorithm. Arkady is a perpetual algorithm that performs according to the real-time value of the 7 major global fiat currency trading pairs; EURusd, JPYusd, GBPusd, CHFusd, AUDusd, CADusd and CNYusd. The performance of Arkady is also related to Consumer Price Inflation (CPI), the increasing US Unfunded Liabilities (debt obligations) and growing interest payments on US Government debt and 10% exposure to Bitcoin (BTCusd). The GRAYLL System is fully automated with AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks. Arkady hedges against price inflation, as prices increase relative to income, and provides high yields compared to saving accounts. GRZ might be a sensible replacement for Government or Corporate pensions, GRZ can be used for de-risking any investment portfolio including traditional holdings such as shares as global financial markets are facing declining trends.

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