You can withdraw GRX (GRAYLL) and XLM (Stellar Lumens) from the "WALLET" section of your GRAYLL App account.*Please check carefully if the account address (Public Key) of the recipient is correct, usually this can be copied and pasted. Public Keys start with the letter "G" - for example: GY4S3FML4S25HDAMJYZJYAC3CKLDWV2Z6YPV3IZXOSHSQKNSKUNQFXYZ

*All Stellar Network account wallets are able to receive XLM, it is the native digital asset of the Stellar Network. However, not all Stellar Network account wallets can receive GRX (GRAYLL), usually a "trustline" is required for any other digital asset on the Stellar Network. You will be notified by your GRAYLL App account wallet when a recipient account does not have a GRX trustline established. Not all Stellar Network wallets are developed to add trustlines. We recommend LOBSTR - - and StellarX - - these options both developed to add trustlines to any Stellar Network based digital asset, including GRX (GRAYLL).

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