Your referrals benefit from a % reduction on fees charged on the profits from the algorithmic positions when your referrals close their algorithmic positions. You in turn benefit by receiving the % difference. When algorithmic positions are closed, the position values are transferred in GRX, GRAYLL's native digital asset. The profits and fees on profits are also transferred in GRX.

The GRAYLL Referral System allows you to invite family, friends and business contacts to use the GRAYLL App & Intelligence. Your invites will have a reduced Performance Fee of 15%.

For every algorithmic position that one of your confirmed referrals closes with profit you share the Performance Fee with GRAYLL.

The standard Perfomance Fee is 18% on profits, you will receive 3% of the profits and GRAYLL will receive 12% of the profits for every algorithmic position closed by your confirmed referrals.

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