GRZ is the Reference Value of GRAYLL's Arkady AI algorithms, which counteracts the inflation of the US economy and devaluation of the United States dollar, it helps to maintain relative purchasing power and can also be used as a ultra high yield savings account or as an alternative to an Exchange Traded Fund [ETF] or in particular a Pension Plan. The US dollar has lost 95-97% of its original value since its inception despite having attained the world’s reserve currency status in 1944, additionally unfunded liabilities of the US Government are estimated to be $65 to $220 trillion depending on the source and method of analysis conducted. 

The recent global decisions and measures, put into action as a reaction to the Corona virus (COVID-19), has accelerated a financial and global economic crisis and increased market turbulence and volatility in 2020. The world is entering into a new phase of much uncertainty with the consequence that managing savings, pensions and investments will become increasingly challenging. There will likely be a Pension Crisis due to underfunded pension funds in many economically developed nations.

Arkady is a superior alternative to the traditional choices currently available to offset the decrease of purchasing power due to unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus plans that are increasing government balance sheets globally. Arkady  contains a set of deep learning algorithms that trade 7 major fiat currency trading pairs; EURusd, JPYusd, GBPusd, CHFusd, AUDusd, CADusd and CNYusd. The performance of Arkady is also related to the United States Consumer Price Inflation (CPI), the increasing US Unfunded Liabilities (national debt obligations) and rapidly growing interest payments on US Government debt which are traded via interest rate instruments and government bonds (treasury notes) and a some exposure to Bitcoin (BTCusd). 

The GRAYLL System ensures that you only have to open and close the GRZ algorithmic positions, no fundamental analysis, no technical analysis, no market timing and no active trading or investing is required. The GRAYLL System also keeps you automatically updated via notifications on the performance of each algorithmic position you open. The Arkady algorithm is perpetual, you can close it at any time, after 1 hour, 6 months or 5 years, this is up to you. Because you cannot close an algorithmic position partially, it's best to open multiple smaller positions. This will allow you to close some positions earlier and keep other positions open for longer. Based on the current and historic performance, GRZ Arkady has an expected +300% annual Return-on-Investment (ROI).

We use Distributed Ledger Technology which enables new concepts of sovereign digital financial systems. Artificial Intelligence helps us to automate processing of large real-time data sets and improve decision making as well as the services we offer to App users. GRAYLL is available to anyone and, the minimum required value to open an algorithmic position is ~$100 per algorithmic position.

The GRAYLL System is fully automated with Artificial Intelligence technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks. Arkady hedges against price inflation, as consumer prices have been increasing relative to income, the GRZ algorithms can provide high returns compared to saving accounts. Arkady could be a sensible replacement or partial replacement for Government or Corporate pensions, the GRZ algorithms can be used for de-risking any investment portfolio that may include traditional holdings such as shares (stocks), bonds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) as global financial markets are facing rapidly declining economic trends.

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